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Why "Common Sense is Not Universal"


My name is Don, an individual that has changed, or at least refocused, my political beliefs in a period of a couple of years. I say refocused because how I feel now really has not changed, but the way I was getting information and how I see that information has. As an example, when Obama was campaigning the second time,  it was clear, he believes in a Socialist vision. The change started when I heard him say "The rich need to pay their fair share."  Well what is their fair share?  As long as they earn their money within the framework of American law, it is their money and they have a right to keep it.

The top 10 percent of income earners paid 71 percent of all federal income taxes in 2009 though they earned 43 percent of all income.

What I have learned, that the left does not want you to know

First to address the left-it-less liberal lies about this Conservative and many others I know. I am a person who would like to see world peace, destruction of all mass weapons, end to hunger, cure for all diseases, and an earth populace that takes care of the planet that takes care of us. And if we could stop fighting the idiotic liberals over such ridiculous emotional thought we could work at accomplishing real topics to help the world.  

I am an Economic Constitutional Conservative.  Let the states decide social issues

Human Nature dictates that people will always try to improve their station in life.  Why don’t the rich Hollywood elite, who are always talking about income inequality, give their money to the poor, if they are so concerned about “equality”?

There is no bureaucrat in any organization that is not looking out for his/her own hide, and will justify anything to keep it that way. That is just human nature.  So again, if you trust that the government is going to do the best for you, you are very wrong. Look at any government program. Cannot hold a candle to the Free Market System, although the Free Market System, like anything else, is not perfect.

I am not a racist.  In 2008, I fell for Obama’s lies and voted for him. Didn’t know “Real Change” meant “Real Socialist.”

I am not anti-gay/lesbian.  Some Conservatives are and that’s the right we have as Americans. I just know that gays/lesbians have been on the planet from the beginning, so let the states figure out the issue of gay rights.

I believe that it makes much more sense to teach someone to fish, than to give them a fish. If every fisherman who comes back from his fishing trip finds that the government is there taking 75% of his catch, how long will it be before that fisherman says “I think I will stay in today and wait for the government to provide the fish”?

There are many more distortions of Conservatism, pushed by the left, that appear throughout this website.  Do you identify with the political party that best represents your actual beliefs or have you merely been duped into believing that only one party stands for compassion?

As far as the common sense, finish the site and we will see…




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Djmj | Reply 20.01.2015 16.27

I would suggest you and everyone reads "Free to Choose" from Milton Friedman

Dave Wilder | Reply 12.02.2014 10.12

I am: Republican, vote conservative, 100% disabled veteran, legally carry concealed, drive a Prius - it goes 4x further per gallon than my Suburban.

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03.02 | 18:23

Sorry, I don't have it. But from what I understand you must give credit to him. Not sure

03.02 | 12:05

I am writing a book and would like to include Mr. Schoonover's letter in it but need permission, which I hope you/he will grant. Thank you very much.

13.03 | 11:52

Bill Schoonover wrote this letter April 3, 2013 and it still applies today.
Is there any wonder why both political parties are scared! Trump 2016.

20.01 | 16:27

I would suggest you and everyone reads "Free to Choose" from Milton Friedman

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