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In the following sub-pages, I'll put some points of views from our favorite author Milton Friedman in his book "Free To Choose" The most interesting characteristic of Milton is his unique way of telling his points of view. He usually made his audiences laugh with a very non- threatening and non-partisan explanation of economics.    

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Sonya | Reply 07.11.2013 23.54

This is one of the best sections of your website! True Understanding is the key. Sad so many people are to LAZY to educate themselves so they can understand!

Djmj | Reply 22.01.2013 21.24

Right you are Randile... Sheepeople... its a sad life to follow....But on a good note the book you suggested, Lyman's 49th just came from Amazon today..

Djmj 23.01.2013 14.07

Yea, now more than ever, There is a speech by the NRA tonight going against the Obamaless policy on gun control....

Randy 22.01.2013 21.45

Good to hear. It is good for the basics and pretty thorough, doesn't tell you everything- but gives a better idea of the hobby. It is a good hobby to get into.

randy | Reply 21.01.2013 02.39

Chances are: sheep-people will give up their gun rights / 2nd. Amendment because guns kill people......wait, they're sheep, in that case....BAAAAAAA! BAAAAAAA!

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03.02 | 18:23

Sorry, I don't have it. But from what I understand you must give credit to him. Not sure

03.02 | 12:05

I am writing a book and would like to include Mr. Schoonover's letter in it but need permission, which I hope you/he will grant. Thank you very much.

13.03 | 11:52

Bill Schoonover wrote this letter April 3, 2013 and it still applies today.
Is there any wonder why both political parties are scared! Trump 2016.

20.01 | 16:27

I would suggest you and everyone reads "Free to Choose" from Milton Friedman

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