Connecticut school shooting

Pull your Head out...........of the "Sand"

As night turned into morning, inescapable sorrow jumps back into my mind about the cowardly act of the Connecticut school shooting, I turn on old faithful, Facebook. It’s a nonstop, wall of mothers saying to hug your children and pray for those innocent children and the adults trying to protect them, who lost their lives in an absolute spineless attack. All hearts hang heavy today and for a long time to come. Now the inevitable, whats, wheres and whys come into everyone’s mind. The media speculates which soon becomes fact in some minds, only to be retracted later by fact. Everyone wants answers right away so they just make it up, until something better comes along. We are all used to this, but that does not make it appropriate.

If you’re old enough, I bet you remember well where you were when the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster occurred on January 28, 1986. I was in the Air Force stationed in the Philippines Islands, when I came out of my room, turned the TV on and heard “We will be right back with the space shuttle disaster”. I woke my roommate.

And what about on September 11, 2001, nineteen Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four commercial U.S. jetliners, deliberately crashing two of the planes into the World Trade Centers in NYC. I was working at the Penfield Racquet and Fitness Club and we were just heading into a managers meeting. Miss Mary, our Nursery Manager, came in and said “a plane just crashed into the World Trade Center”. I didn’t leave the TV at the club for the next several hours.

More to come later, but for now let’s just mourn and hope we can figure a way to change this lily-livered trend.

Well later has come and this attack on America is not new. They sometimes come from afar and sometimes from within, but the one thing that has changed is how we react. To me this war on the innocent is a call to arms, not an opportunity to bury your heads in the sand. Of course on the left we have all this talk about getting rid of guns. Let’s take a look at that option in a very simple way. Ok, all guns are illegal. Ok, now only the criminals have them. How did that work out? Really, I put this as a joke but think about it. Is the above statement wrong? Ok, say we did get rid of all the guns for American citizens. Then all of the crime goes with it? No. The criminals find a knife, slingshot, club, bar or anything to do what they were going to do anyway, and the law abiding citizen can’t have the best form of defense that is loud, effective from a distance and easy to conceal, because the left thinks the government will keep them safe. Your safety has never, is not now and never will be supplied by the government, even though they are tasked with that. It didn’t happen on September 11th or on December 14th, and it would be impossible for any government to. So what are we left with? The left wants to take law-abiding citizens’ protection away! Now I know some pretenders on the left say, we just think certain semi-automatic weapons. Well, let me tell you why the Right and the NRA fights so hard on points the Left doesn’t understand. It’s because when the government takes some liberty away they never stop. And the Right is trying to keep Liberty and Freedom for America’s future. Do you want your kids growing up in a government-run or central planning society? How do we change this environment and bring America back to its “good ol’ self?” Get government out of areas where they never had the constitutional power in the first place and let the free market work. If these are concepts you’re not sure about, read further in the website.

Here is a quote from Ben Stein from a few months ago….

“Lately, there have been far too many shootings of innocent people by crazy people. We can go back to Virginia Tech or Tucson, Ariz., or look just recently to Aurora, Colo., and to Wisconsin and the Sikh Temple.

Too many crazy, homicidal people have lethal weapons. And you might say there should be very strict gun control - and for crazy people, there should be.

On the other hand, you might look at this little set of facts.

In Sandpoint, North Idaho, where I live for most of the summer, it's extremely easy to buy a gun. You can buy them at stores and at gun shows, or just at yard sales. Yet there are almost no gun deaths in Bonner County, Idaho.

The last ones of note in North Idaho were done by the FBI at Ruby Ridge, and that's a different story.

On the other hand, in my beloved Los Angeles, where I live most of the year, there's extremely strict gun control. It's a real project to buy a gun.

Here, we have gang shootings and death by guns on a terrifying scale. In my native city of Washington, D.C., the same goes: Strict gun control and lots of shootings.

The same goes for Chicago. Strict gun control and a lot of killing.

Obviously, Sandpoint, Idaho, is a very much calmer place than Chicago, and I'm not saying that people in Chicago should be allowed to just tote guns in their cars the way many can, and do, in North Idaho.

But my point is that there is nothing easy or simple about the relationship between gun control and crime. If a man had started shooting in a crowd in North Idaho, probably several men in the crowd would have shot him down immediately. Maybe a woman, too.

I'm not for vigilante law enforcement. But I am also not for government disarming everyone but criminals.

I have never understood the flaw in the argument that when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. And, of course, there are already laws against murder."



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randy | Reply 24.02.2013 16.23

Apparently strict gun control(in Russia) didn't prevent their: Theater (Nord-Ost Siege,2002)nor Beslan School Siege(2004) from happening.

randy 24.02.2013 16.30

Apparently those places were "gun/RPG free zones". When will we learn from others and their failures or political babysitting?
Why make ourselves easy targets?

randy | Reply 24.02.2013 05.02

Joe Biden to his wife, Jill,"Get a shotgun."
Me to Biden's wife, Jill, "Get a Saiga Shotgun."
You can get a 30 round drum for one, I guess Joe didn't know that.

Diane | Reply 29.12.2012 20.51

I liked your website don diane

Djmj 30.12.2012 23.13

Thanks Diane, keep reading..

Randy | Reply 20.12.2012 16.11

Government wants to control gun violence or ownership, yet they hide/ fumble with the Fast and Furious incident. Thats irony for ya.

Djmj 30.12.2012 23.15

I was thinking about this when I was doing my site and forgot to put it on....Ill get on it STAT...

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Sorry, I don't have it. But from what I understand you must give credit to him. Not sure

03.02 | 12:05

I am writing a book and would like to include Mr. Schoonover's letter in it but need permission, which I hope you/he will grant. Thank you very much.

13.03 | 11:52

Bill Schoonover wrote this letter April 3, 2013 and it still applies today.
Is there any wonder why both political parties are scared! Trump 2016.

20.01 | 16:27

I would suggest you and everyone reads "Free to Choose" from Milton Friedman

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