Delicately bashing the home team..

The Right still can't make it "Real"

So I am watching a Fox Anchor interviewing a Right Congressman and a Left authority figure about the pipeline that Obama stopped from Canada. The question to each guest is something like “Why did Obama stop the pipeline from starting, where it would create many jobs and lower our gas prices etc… “ The Left figure said well “we need to do studies to make sure it will be safe for the environment before we proceed etc…” and then the Right Congressman gets on and says “We need to exploit that Canadian Oil and get people working”. You can see that I don’t remember the exact conversation but the point should be well taken. The Congressman uses the work “exploit” the oil!  WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING? This is a bad word to use with liberals, because their highly emotional minds read this as “exploiting the planet”. 

There has been a lot of controversy about the issue of global warming.  Of late, much of the global warming push has been debunked, but in a sense global warming itself is irrelevant.  Whether we are in a period of global warming, or going into another ice age, we should act responsibly towards our planet.  It is always a good idea with anything you rely on for your life, livelihood, comfort and the like (your planet, your neighborhood, your home and your car, etc.) to do your best to preserve it.  So instead of pushing a global warming agenda and scaring people into purchasing certain items to enrich a certain special interest group of manufacturers, authors, lobbyists, etc., wouldn’t it be better to focus on the common sense balanced goal of preserving our planet, while not unduly harming industry and commerce and modern civilization?

 In another situation, a big problem with my team is the lack of understanding. The Republican establishment wanted to take control of the Republican Primary and tell us who our nominee was going to be. Again on a FOX interview with someone in the Right think tank group and just when Newt Gingrich was at the top of the polls, the question came “Do you think Newt will be able to hold on to this momentum and be the nominee?” The answer came back “The establishment will never let Newt be the nominee”. Some will remember what came after that. The ads started pouring out of the Romney Super PAC and that was it for Newt. If you were paying attention this also happened to the rest of the nominees one by one. So did we have a choice as the people of the Republican party? All this time Mitt couldn’t get above about 25% of the vote. Most of the voters on the Right were saying anyone but Mitt, which is why all of the other candidates shot to the top and then the machine shot the air out of them.

 On Hannity, Sean bought up to his guest Ann Coulter “the other day I see you met Mitt and that’s the candidate you are backing, and it looks like you whispered something in his ear, What was  it?”  “Well I told him “You had better be as Conservative as I am telling everyone you are.”” I have read a few of Ann’s books and she is really conservative, so how come she is backing someone she doesn’t even believe in?

 I think the Republican Party is the only hope for America, but I don’t think they have an understanding of much of anything, or else as kids they just never won at anything. I do believe if you give them the ball on the 1 yard line with a 3 point lead and 8 downs to score they would find a way to mess it up.

They continually get caught up in these squabbles with the left instead of educating the electorate, in the simplest of terms, why the Free market works and why Government is not now, never was, and never will be the answer to getting this country working, out of debt and prosperous again. 

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Randy | Reply 20.12.2012 15.54

[Iraq- in December] Iraqi talking to a Liberal. "Global Warming? Yeah, wait until summer time......this part of the globe gets real warm!"

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Sorry, I don't have it. But from what I understand you must give credit to him. Not sure

03.02 | 12:05

I am writing a book and would like to include Mr. Schoonover's letter in it but need permission, which I hope you/he will grant. Thank you very much.

13.03 | 11:52

Bill Schoonover wrote this letter April 3, 2013 and it still applies today.
Is there any wonder why both political parties are scared! Trump 2016.

20.01 | 16:27

I would suggest you and everyone reads "Free to Choose" from Milton Friedman

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