I can't believe America ate the whole thing,TWICE

And of the 14, it was no problem because they used their New Obama Phone to call in...

How could this happen? LOW INFORMATION VOTERS

It’s the “Day After” the citizens of America have re-elected to a second term President Obama. Congratulations to the top Democratic Liberals in this country for their fine marketing plan. It was much better than my own Republican Conservative Party could muster.

It was just a year and a half ago that I got informed about some things and changed my political views. In the past I have been registered as Independent and Democrat. That is a story in itself. 

I don’t know about you but over the last 31 years when eligible to vote, I didn’t have a clue as to particular candidates and their party affiliations. I’m a bit embarrassed to say, that I like a lot of other people, was completely turned off to the process. All of the negative ads for people I have never heard of, and he said this and the other said that and neither can agree if the sky is blue or red. 

So I voted on a very scientific process of my own. If there was something I liked about one or something I didn’t like about the other, that may have been the only way I could distinguish one from the other, and that’s how I made my decisions, even though neither could be true, and being an uninformed voter could be the worst thing I could do. I think that was proven on 11/6/12. OK, I lied about the scientific process, but we are talking about politics and I wanted you to feel at home. 

There are impressions I had about certain political parties at the time that I would not have known where they came from. For most of the last three decades I have been registered as an Independent because I couldn’t differentiate and this seemed the most neutral. Then during a move to a new State in 2006 I decided it was time for a new party also. I registered as a Democrat because we are a democracy and “Democrat” seemed the closest party. Plus in the back of my mind there was this lingering feeling that Republicans were just a bunch of cranky old rich men sitting their fat bottoms behind a desk looking over their glasses and giving this look wondering why you were bothering them. So they were out of the running. Democrat it was for the time being. 

Trying to figure out how America could put a President back in power after four years of no improvement in our economy, unemployment, National Debt was hard to comprehend. Adding that this President said he wanted the most transparent government to date and yet pulled a sneaky tactic to push his Obamacare agenda when no one was looking. But it was no problem because as Nancy Pelosi said “We just need to pass this and then we can read it”. By the way it’s thousands of pages telling you what you can and cannot do and what you will and will not do with whom. 

I really think I can live with people that don’t see things the same as me, as long as they really do know what each of the parties stands for, without the influence of the left media. Like I had said above I didn’t have a clue about the push from the left to make us Socialist and the media and colleges that are against the Conservative Party. And at the time of awakening, remember I was registered as a Democrat. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I heard President Obama saying in a speech that the wealthy need to pay their fair share of taxes. How does one justify to a group, that somehow all of your hard work and earned wealth that got you ahead in life, now needs to be split even more on top of the taxes you already paid to give entitlement programs to the less fortunate? I couldn’t and that is the basis of this site…

And this coming from someone who has little, but wants to get America back to the best She can be for future generations..

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DONE Sending...

randy | Reply 06.01.2013 21.26

What mess are you talking about? Are you sure it wasn't FDR that got us into "this mess"? Of course, Obama won't stop spending - he gets a free pass!

Me | Reply 06.01.2013 18.24

Remember it was BUSH who got us into this mess. We've come a long way from the brink.

Djmj 06.01.2013 22.22

SORRY ME..Thought you were someone else. I do hope your kidding about coming along way from the brink? Scary if your not...

Djmj 06.01.2013 22.16

...will never understand or agree what made America great. I'll straighten you up when I move south in three months...

Djmj 06.01.2013 22.14

Joe, Bush is for America not the government, and I see you never read the book you were supposed to. But I am beginning to see that sheepeople liberals like you

Djmj | Reply 30.12.2012 23.30

That was the same thing that got me and inspired this site.

Randy | Reply 20.12.2012 16.01

What gets me isn't the rich not paying their "fair share"- its the ones that don't pay taxes at all - living off the welfare system. WTF!!

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03.02 | 18:23

Sorry, I don't have it. But from what I understand you must give credit to him. Not sure

03.02 | 12:05

I am writing a book and would like to include Mr. Schoonover's letter in it but need permission, which I hope you/he will grant. Thank you very much.

13.03 | 11:52

Bill Schoonover wrote this letter April 3, 2013 and it still applies today.
Is there any wonder why both political parties are scared! Trump 2016.

20.01 | 16:27

I would suggest you and everyone reads "Free to Choose" from Milton Friedman

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